NSW eSafety Check Albury Wodonga

NSW eSafety Check Albury Wodonga


Bartlett Automotive is authorised to perform e-safety inspection in NSW. An e-safety check alternatively knows as a “pink Slip” is required for vehicles older than 5 year and is required annually with the vehicle NSW registration.

Items that are inspected at this time are:

  • Tyre quality and tread length
  • Vehicle body condition
  • Working electrics such as headlights, blinkers, interior lights and dash lights
  • Engine/suspension/exhaust and driveline condition
  • Seatbelt condition
  • Engine and Driveline fluid leaks
  • Brake efficiency test

If your vehicle passes the initial inspection your certificate/report is lodge electronically with RMS as well as a hard copy for your records.

If your vehicle fails, the initial e-safety inspection due to repairs required. You have 14 days to have the necessary repairs carried out as well as to have a secondary inspection within this time.

If the secondary inspection does not happen within this time frame a new e-safety inspection is required.

A Certificate of Roadworthiness is current for 42 days from the date of issue.