Founded in 2003, 100% Aussie owned Oricom is an expert in communication technologies and a leader in design and ideas.

While technology advances, talk is timeless, so Oricom create products that use the newest technologies to meet your changing needs at every stage in life.

Their range of hand-held and fixed mount UHF CB radios and accessories are recognised in the market as high quality products priced for everyday use.

Key to the delivering of uncompromised reliability and essential features sought after in the UHF CB marketplace, is the Oricom commitment to innovation and user relevant design combined with precise technical engineering.

Most UHF CB antennas are vertical poles and send the signal out in a circular pattern around the antenna (like a donut shape with the antenna in the middle) if an antenna has more gain this donut is flattened between the top and bottom so more signal is concentrated in horizontal direction.

This is great if the other station is directly in front at a 90° angle to the antenna then all the signals are collected from that station but if they are on top of a hill at 45° angle then they may not be in the reception “window” of the antenna and therefore the signal may be very weak.

Oricom always ensure that you and your needs are taken care of, long after the purchase of your high quality Oricom product.

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