Servicing Albury Wodonga

Routine Minor & Major Servicing

To keep your vehicle safe, reliable & performing at its best regular car serving is a must.

Our technicians take the time to examine and report any findings on your vehicle and will personalise your vehicle service requirements to suit your budget and vehicle needs using high-quality parts and fluid.

Logbook Servicing

Bartlett Automotive has highly trained technicians carry out all logbook services in exact accordance to the vehicle manufacturers specifications as well as assessing your vehicle for any items in need of attention.

With our state-of-the-art workshop we can service all vehicle types including and not limited to, European, 4wd and new cars.

All whilst maintaining your vehicles warranty.

4WD Servicing

Having your 4WD vehicle serviced at Bartlett automotive gives peace of mind knowing that all components have been thoroughly examined by our expert technicians and full comprehensive 4WD service has been carried out. Bartlett Automotive understands how important it is to keep your 4WD prepared for all things on and off-road is.

Similarly, to all our services and repairs carried out, only the highest quality parts and fluid are used.


Fleet Services

Bartlett Automotive is a trusted authorised repair centre for many fleet management companies. Let Bartlett Automotive take care of your fleet vehicle so you can enjoy the hassle-free experience today.


Wheels & Tyres

Bartlett Auto stock a wide range of quality wheels and tyre to suit all budgets and needs. Come and see the team to discuss your needs today.